Sunday, February 26, 2012

See the flowers smiling

This is my 1st blog ever!!!!  Hope this is the way it's supposed to look lol...  The only reason I'm creating this is to enter in a challenge from the site Lily Pad Cards To enter the card it needs a blog.  So here I go.  My blog will be bilingal so please don't mind the change from English to French and vice-versa.  And of course I might not translate everything.

C'est mon premier blog!!!  J'espère que je vais faire quelque chose de potable lol... La seule raison de créer ce blog est pour entrer dans un concours pour une carte que vous verrez plus bas.  Le lien pour le site est plus haut, je ne le metterai donc pas de nouveau.  Prenez note que je vais traduire des bouts mais pas tout.

Vous pouvez voir par la carte la raison du nom de mon blog! ;)  You can see the reason for the name of the blog from the card ;)
I did the card using the stamp "kissing" technique.  I had never done it before and found it was quite easy to use.  I inked both stamps. The stamps used in this card are Penny Black sparkle, a criss-cross stamp (I don't remember from which cie) and the sentiment from Hero Art.  The paper are from DCWV.  And I used brads to complete it.

Hope you like it.  I had fun doing it!!!

J'espère que vous aimerez j'ai eu bien du plaisir à le faire.


  1. Welcome to the blog world! Your kissed flower card is the perfect first upload for your new blog. It's a lovely design. I'm so glad you took the plunge and joined in the challenge at Lily Pad Cards!

  2. Thank you very much for the comment Nancy ;) It was very intimidating to start this but I think that I will be enjoying this.

  3. So lovely! And I think you'll enjoy blogging. Have fun!